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Young Motorcycle Club

welcomes you to this event in conjunction with our Clubs Annual Presentation. Unfortunately due to the current Covid situation, we are unable to hold our Annual Presentation Dinner at the 'S&C Club' as we have in previous years. This day will begin at 10am with the Presentation of Trophies for those who finished the season off overall in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd place positions in each class.

To qualify and be eligible to receive an award/trophy, each competitor MUST have completed at least 3 of the 4 Competition Rounds that have been held at YMCC this current year. 

(2020 completed Competitive Events: Rd 1 - 15th March, Rd 2 - 11th Oct, Rd 3 - 13th Sept, Rd 4 - 27th Sept).

Gates Open: 9:00am

  Sign On: 9:00am to 9:45am 

  Presentation: 10:00am (Please bring a hat, chair and your camera)

  Rec Day Riding: Approx. 10:45am or at conclusion of Presentation. Riding will finish up around 5pm.


At the conclusion of the presentation (Approx. 10:45am) and with the formal side of things completed, we welcome all our Current Members present, to stay for the day and take part in a non-competitive "Rec Ride Day" on the Clubs Short Course Track.

On Arrival to the venue, each vehicle entering will be handed a "Covid Register of Attendance' and a 'Self Scrutineering Form'. All these need to be fully filled out and handed back into the Sign on Hut ASAP. As normal, all Riders/Parents will need to Sign the Indemnity/Waiver Sheet. Riders will be sorted prior to riding into groups of similar riding experience and capability - not necessarily by age. This is purely a fun day and no awards or trophies will be presented for this event.

Riding will start approx. 11:30 am and will finish up around 5pm. No scoring will take place therefore MyLaps transponders will not be needed. There will be Flag Marshals on selected points therefore your assistance with manning these will be appreciated.

Any Nippers who are current Financial Members but do not have a current MA Licence, will be able to purchase a One Day - Non Competitive Recreational Licence on Ridernet for the cost of $30.00. 

Should anyone have any trouble with entering this event - please email the Young Motorcycle Club at (young.mcc@hotmail.com). Details required will be Riders Name, MA Licence Number, Date of Birth and contact phone number.

A Canteen will be in operation on the day serving limited cold drinks (soft drink, water, powerade and fruit boxes), hot chips, sausage and steak sandwiches. Stocks of nuggets/chips, fish/chips, chicken burgers, sausage rolls and pies will be available until sold out. 

A selection of chocolate bars and lollies will be available.

Cash Only - No EFTPOS facilities are available.

  Entry Fee:  $5.00 per Rider

  Ride Fees: Nippers (4-Under 9 Years) $20.00

  Juniors & Seniors (7 Years plus) $30.00

All Entries will only be available online through Ridernet from Thursday 15th October @ 9am until Thursday 22nd October @ 9pm.


*ALL Riders must either 'Flag' or supply a Person over the age of 16 Years to 'Flag' for them at each race meet.

*NO animals (except for an approved Guide / Assistance Dog) may be bought onto the Property known as "Bunyarra". This is privately owned Land and noted in the Landowners Lease Agreement. If any animals are found, they will be required to leave the Property immediately.

*NO Open Fires are to be lit at all.

*NO Camping on the Property known as "Bunyarra".

*All Persons entering the Property will be asked to put their rubbish in the bins provided. Cattle will graze the land in between Race Meets.

*STRICTLY NO TEAROFFS. All Riders must adhere to this Rule. This is Privately owned Land. Any Rider found to be using Tearoffs will have their points stripped for day.

*ALL Riders - NOTE: No riding of any machines / bikes outside of the track. Bikes must be pushed through the pits and in the carpark area. Any Rider not adhering to this Rule will have their days points stripped.

*Enclosed Footwear MUST always be worn in the pit area . This includes Riders, Pit Crew, Visitors, Officials and anyone else.

*No Smoking Rules apply to the Facility in accordance with MA Rules.


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Young MCC
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2020 YMCC Rec Ride Day (Short Course Track) & Presentation
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Bunyarra MVRG - Grenfell Road, , Young, NSW, 2594, AUS
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24-Oct-2020 06:00 AM
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24-Oct-2020 08:00 PM
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14-Oct-2020 09:00 PM
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23-Oct-2020 09:00 PM
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