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*All Riders must be a current Member of the Leeton Motorcycle Club. Memberships are available on Ridernet.

*No animals (except for an approved Guide / Assistance Dog) may be bought onto the grounds. Should any animals be found at the venue, their owners will be asked to adhere to the Clubs decision, and they will be required to be removed from the grounds immediately.

*No tear offs are to be worn at any events run by The Leeton Motorcycle Club. All Riders must adhere to this Rule. Any Rider found to be using Tear offs may be penalised on the day at the Clubs discretion.

*All Persons entering the Venue will be asked to put their rubbish in the bins provided. It is not the responsibility of others to clean up any mess that you leave behind.

*All scoring will be done via My Laps Electronic Timing System; therefore, it is the Riders responsibility to ensure they supply a Transponder which has been activated and charged if they wish to be scored. Riders who do not have a Transponder are still able to compete competitively but will NOT be scored - therefore will not be a contender for points or trophy at the end of day Presentation. A manual lap scorer will be present on the day but will only be referred to as a backup in case of an unexpected computer failure on the day. Manual lap scoring will not be used to enter any scores in for any Rider should they not have a registered transponder. 

 *All Riders - NOTE: No riding of any machines / bikes outside of the track. Bikes must be pushed through the pits and in the car park area. Any Rider not adhering to this Rule will be penalised at the Clubs discretion.

*No Open Fires are to be lit.

*Full toilet amenities are available.

*Free Camping at the track is available on the Saturday night. Gates will be open from 12 noon on the Saturday prior to the event. We ask that all campers be respectful of the other campers present and limit noise at a reasonable time. If you are camping and consuming alcohol as per Government rules (Over 18yrs), please remember that if you’re Riding the following day, you must have zero alcohol in your system at the start of the event which is at 7am Sunday morning. This also applies to Parents / Guardians of Junior Riders who will be signing on as their Contacts.

*Running water is available at the track but NOT suitable for drinking or cooking use.

*No smoking around Canteen area, pit area etc. Please take note of NO Smoking Signs which are hanging around the facilities. Butts must be picked up. No Smoking Rules apply to the Facility in accordance with MA Rules.

*Enclosed Footwear MUST always be worn in the pit area. This includes Riders, Pit Crew, Visitors, Officials, and anyone else.

*All Riders must either 'Flag' or supply a Person over the age of 16 Yrs to carry out compulsory marshalling for them at each race meet. In the case where the Flag Marshal is Under 18 Yrs, they will require a Parent / Guardian to sign the Indemnity Form allowing permission to do so. No marshal = No ride.

*Trophies will be presented to all 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed competitors in each class except for Div. 1 Nippers /Demo Class, where all participants receive a trophy or similar award each of equal value.

The Event
Organiser :
Leeton MCC
Event :
'Leeton MCC / RMC Event 3
Discipline :
Where, When and How Much
Location :
Barry Aylett Park - Brobenah Hall Road, , Leeton, NSW, 2705, AUS
Begins on :
15-May-2022 06:00 AM
Ends on :
15-May-2022 07:00 PM
Registration Open :
02-May-2022 09:00 AM
Registration Closes :
13-May-2022 06:00 PM
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