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Riders’ Briefing


2021 NSW PIRELLI MOTUL Clubman Road Race Series - Round 1

2021 NSW Motorcycle Road Race Championships - Round 1


Wakefield Park Raceway

13th and 14th March 2021



This online version of the riders’ briefing is to give you important information prior to your attendance at the Wakefield Park round of

the Pirelli Motul road race series. During the formal riders’ briefing on Saturday 13th March, you will be given further information

followed by the opportunity to have any queries or concerns addressed.


Key Officials                       Clerk of Course    Terry Wahlen

                                                Steward                 Michael Rooke

Race Secretary    Peter Snow


It is my duty of care to inform you that by entering this event:


·    You acknowledge that motorcycle sport is dangerous, and you are exposed to certain risks.

·    You may be injured physically, mentally or worse

·    Your machinery or equipment may be damaged, lost or destroyed

·    Others may ride dangerously or with a lack of skill

·    The track or event conditions may be hazardous and may change without warning

·    You have an obligation to yourself and to others to act safely, within the law, and the rules and regulations of MA


My Responsibilities:


·         Ensuring appropriate medical officers and facilities are in place

·         Ensuring there is an adequate number of officials and marshals in attendance

·         Conducting the event in as safe a manner as possible

·         Applying the rules of motorcycle racing in a fair and equitable manner


Your responsibilities:


·    You have a responsibility to make sure you have read and understood the duty of care statement on your entry form

and you have read and understood the GCRs, supplementary regulations and final instructions for this meeting.

Should you wish to review any of this information, copies of all of these documents are available from the

Race Secretary and can be viewed at your request. Please be aware of all of MA’s Policies, in particular MA’s

Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy and the possible consequences of breaching the policy.

·       Take the opportunity to inspect the circuit on foot

·       Ride to the track conditions with due regard for your safety and that of other riders and officials

·       Obey the directions of event officials and medical officers

·       Know the meaning of the flag signals and the locations of flag officials

·       If hospitalised in the 7 days prior to the event you must advise the medical team before undertaking any track activity


Safety concerns

If you have concerns with the venue or the operation of the meeting you need to advise me. If I cannot satisfy your concerns you will be invited to withdraw from competition at the event.

Rider Behaviour

If you believe you have been disadvantaged due to a rule being broken or have an issue with the behaviour of another competitor or their support crew, please advise me as soon as possible.


The flags are displayed for your safety and the safety of other competitors. The flags which will be used by the flag marshals stationed around the circuit are as per the 2021 MoMS, Chapter 18.2, Page 246 - Appendix B: Flags and Signals (for Road Race).

Green     Track ahead is clear.

Also used to signal that pit exit is open.

Yellow    Stationary means danger ahead.

Waved means immediate danger ahead.

Ride slowly, overtaking forbidden, prepare to stop.


Red        Race or practice session stopped.

Slow down, return to the pits.

Expect moving medical vehicles to be on the circuit.

Also used to signal that pit exit is closed.

Black      Held at the start / finish line with a number board.

The rider whose number is displayed must return to the pits on the next lap.

Yellow with Red Stripes      Lack of track adhesion.

There is something on the track surface which may affect traction.

Rider discretion is advised.


White      Waved at all flag points to indicate there is rain somewhere around the circuit.

You must decide whether you will continue racing.

Note: this is different from the MoMS. The St. George club is using it in this manner in an effort to enhance rider safety.


Chequered - Finish of the race or session. Do not overtake back-markers. Return to the pits via pit entry.



Before the start of qualifying there will be a 5-minute, followed by a 2-minute, followed by a 30-second, board displayed, and a siren sounded at pit exit and (if available) pit entry. From then on there will be 2-minute and 30-second warnings prior to each session or race. During racing you should be ready to enter the circuit as soon as pit exit is opened.

Combined Practice/Qualifying (Saturday)

These will be 10-minute sessions. Pit exit will remain open for the duration.

Practice-starts will be allowed between turns 9 and 10 on riders’ right ONLY after the chequered flag has been displayed. There will be a waved yellow flag at Turn 9 to warn you.

Race Starts

The starter will switch the red light ON. After a short delay the starter will switch it OFF. The race starts when the red light goes OFF.

If the lights fail the starter will raise the National Flag to indicate a race start.

If you have a problem on the starting grid you must signal this by waving your hands. Yellow flags will be displayed on the pit wall and the starter will display the “Delayed Start” board. Once the issue is resolved the starting procedure will begin again.

Jump-starts will incur a time penalty of 10 seconds. If a jump start is deemed dangerous the competitor may be excluded from that race result.

Race Finishes

The chequered flag will be displayed at the start/finish line. After passing the chequered flag do not overtake any back markers; this will allow them to finish the race correctly. After receiving the chequered flag you must exit the circuit at pit entry. There will be a waved yellow flag at turn 9 followed by a waved red flag at turn 10 to remind you to enter pit lane.

Racing - Saturday

·       Races will be 7 laps

·       You will have ONE (1) COMBINED SIGHTING/WARM-UP lap. There will be no practice-starts

·       A waved yellow flag will be displayed at turn 10 to warn that there are officials on the grid

·       There is to be no weaving as you approach the grid

·       Know your grid position. If you are unsure you will be directed to a grid position at the rear of the field


Racing - Sunday

·       Races will be 7 laps

·       There will be no warm-up sessions and no practice-starts

·       For the first round of heats you will be given ONE (1) SIGHTING lap followed by ONE (1) WARM-UP lap

·       For subsequent rounds you will be given ONE (1) COMBINED SIGHTING/WARM-UP lap


Crashes / Breakdowns

·           Move yourself and your machine to the tyre wall if possible

·           Keep your helmet on until you are over the wall

·           Do not return to the bike

·           Do not stand near the edge of the track

·           Help the recovery crew load your machine if possible

·           If you are able to self-recover after a crash you must immediately present your bike at scrutineering to be re-checked

·           If you are transported to hospital or are recommended to seek further treatment in a hospital your competition licence will be suspended. You will need a clearance from the hospital or your GP stating that "you are fit to race a motorcycle" before your licence may be reinstated



·            Competitors are responsible for the behaviour of their crew and family members

·            All injuries must be reported to the Clerk of Course

·            You must wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle anywhere within the venue

·            Take any used tyres with you when you leave

·            Pit Lane rules:

·       As per the Supp Regs and Final Instructions

·       Traffic is one-way in race direction

·       40kph MAX on the bitumen, walking pace on the concrete

·       No spectators in pit lane or on pit wall             

·       No smoking in pit lane or garages – smoke only in designated areas

·       No refuelling in pit lane

·       Competitors and support persons must wear fully enclosed footwear when in pit lane and garages


Terry Wahlen

Clerk of Course

The Event
Organiser :
St George MCC
Event :
Rd.1 2021 Pirelli Motul Road Race Sprint Series (incl. NSWRRC)
Discipline :
Road Race
Where, When and How Much
Location :
Wakefield Park - 4770 Braidwood Rd, , Tirrannaville (Goulburn), NSW, 2580, AUS
Begins on :
13-Mar-2021 08:00 AM
Ends on :
14-Mar-2021 05:00 PM
Registration Open :
19-Feb-2021 07:00 PM
Registration Closes :
08-Mar-2021 07:00 PM
Event Entry Fee :
Junior (7-16) : $450.00
Senior (16-99) : $450.00
Entry Category Fee includes 1 x class entry, Transponder and Garage hire.
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