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Information for Participants

Hosted By: Brisbane Motorcycle Club Inc.

Contact: Randall Goldsworthy (secbrismcc@gmail.com)

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PROTECTIVE CLOTHING minimum requirements: **

·       Helmet – Any of the following approved standards is acceptable. AS1698, Snell, JIS, FIM, ECE.

·       Clothing - Gloves, long sleeve jersey and long pants

·       Body Armour - Recommended for Junior riders

·       Off-road Boots ***

·       Goggles/eye protection

** Protective clothing of acceptable standards is the responsibility of the rider.

*** Be constructed of leather or other similarly durable material; and
- be of a length which must at least overlap the trousers with the rider in a normal seated riding position on the machine.

Participation by Matched Ability:

Ride Park Managers are responsible to manage rider safety through groupings of participants based on ability and speed, not rider age or bike capacity. It’s important to not think of riders as junior or senior but as a beginner, intermediate or experienced rider and group them accordingly with the flexibility to move riders to other groups as the day progresses or as the Ride Park Manager deems appropriate.

For the purpose of this Guideline:

·       Beginner: This group is for riders that include children, parents and participants possibly new to motorcycle riding. It’s to be managed at an appropriate speed to cater for the youngest or most novice of riders. The start straight run on a MX Track may present as an appropriate area for parents to teach their children how to ride.

·       Intermediate: This group is for those who have sound motorcycle ability but possibly not ridden on tracks before. As with all groups, the intermediate group participation should be based on ability regardless of age.

·       Advanced: The advanced group is ideal for those who frequent ride parks and possibly hold or have held a competition licence.



The Ride Park Manager has the authority to remove any rider from the track who is deemed to be riding recklessly, or putting other riders’ safety at risk, or whose behaviour falls short of the expected standard set out in the RPD Guidelines.

To comply with Ride Park Days non-competitive status, venues must not use a mass start, or time/score riders in any way which will determine a finish order, and no award for performance can be given.



The Event
Organiser :
Brisbane MCC
Event :
Harrisville RPA February
Discipline :
Classic and Post Classic Motocross
Where, When and How Much
Location :
Harrisville - 104 Old Warwick Rd, , Harrisville, QLD, 4307, AUS
Begins on :
28-Feb-2021 06:00 AM
Ends on :
28-Feb-2021 04:00 PM
Registration Open :
09-Feb-2021 11:00 PM
Registration Closes :
28-Feb-2021 12:00 PM
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(Entry Fee does not include Class Fees)
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