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Event Overview

This is a participation event for one and all and the only rule is that everyone has fun on and off the dirt bike. While the bikes on the Main Track will have transponders and the laps will be timed Coolum Pines Classic is designed and marketed towards having fun and participating and the event is open to all levels of rider from beginner to advanced and from junior to vet.

There is no prize money just gloating rights with your friends.


Event Schedule

Friday – 3pm gates open for campers.

Saturday – Race events from 8.00am – 4pm with track maintenance to follow

Sunday – Race events from 8.00am – 4pm,

Monday – Final competitors leave



The main track to be used for the majority of the races will be similar to a mini

enduro circuit with lap times somewhere between the 5 – 6 minute mark.

Each race will have a time allocation of 25-30mins and will have riders released in waves of approximately 20 riders from the start area. The length of the track allows for a good spread of riders. For Coolum Pines MX the track will combine the MX track and stadium track.

For additional fun the event runs a Saturday night drags, a series of events

on the Mini track and we have a flat track for speedway type riding.


Race & Event Breakdown

Individual Races and Events:

1. Wreckers – Flat track. Series of fun events where people can ride whatever they have brought along. (non competitive)

2. 50cc maniacs – Mini Track. For 4-U9yr olds to have their own mini enduro, team and fun events. (non competitive)

4. Women’s  – Main Track. Races for the ladies only.

5. Junior’s – Main Track. 65cc/85cc small wheel combined solo endure. 85cc Big Wheel/ Lites.

6. Vets – Main Track. All powers all ages 35+.

7. MX 2 – Main Track. Seniors Max 250cc 4stroke. 125cc 2 stroke.

8. MX 1 – Main Track. Seniors all powers

9. Junior Teams – Main Track. 3 riders, 3 bikes 85BW/Junior Lites 12-U16. Riders must swap each lap. 1 x 1hour long race. Le-mans start.

10. Senior Teams – Main Track. 3 riders, 3 bikes All powers Seniors only. Riders must swap each lap. 1 x 1hr long race. Le-mans start.

11. Pitbike Events – Mini track. 16 riders, Juniors 12-U16 and seniors 16+. 4 stroke only bikes with max wheel size 12/14”. Races will be 5 laps. (non Competitive)



Saturday Night Drags

This has proved to be extremely popular in America at some major events and is purely a fun event at the end of the day held along the front grass area. Any rider can take part on any type of bike and with two lanes it’s simply a straight acceleration drag race for approximately 60m. No prizes just fun. Double fenced to improve safety.


Flat Speedway Track

The Flat speedway track is once again an after main racing entertainment event that is amusing for spectators as they see the various types of bikes getting around the flat track. Riders are put together in race groups as they arrive to have a go.


Pitbike Events

On our mini track events will be split junior/senior events. Battle with your mates for bragging rights through rollers and table tops.



Spectators will attend the event however given it is not a pro event we do not expect numbers to be extensive for year one.



Both competitors and spectators will be able to camp on site over the weekend or they can attend each day if they live close.



The event would be licenced to provide spectators the option to have a few drinks. The entertainment area would start up at the conclusion of racing to allow competitors to be involved. Enduro events competitors given they have paid to enter races on Saturday and Sunday do not put a focus on the drinking element it will simply be provided

so they can enjoy themselves with friends at the end of each day.



For any further information at this time please contact:


Matthew Holliday



Leanne Kelly



Carly Holliday


The Event
Organiser :
Suncoast Junior MCC
Event :
Coolum Pines Classic
Discipline :
Enduro, Motocross
Where, When and How Much
Location :
Coolum Pines - Quanda Road, , Coolum , QLD, 4573, AUS
Begins on :
05-Dec-2020 06:00 AM
Ends on :
06-Dec-2020 06:00 PM
Registration Open :
09-Nov-2020 06:00 AM
Registration Closes :
02-Dec-2020 09:00 PM
Event Entry Fee :
(Entry Fee does not include Class Fees)
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Class Details
4-U9 years 50cc Demonstration$30.00
7-U9 years 50cc Auto$30.00
65cc 7-U12/ Racing with Mini Lites 9-U12yrs$50.00
Mini Lites 85cc 2/ 150cc 4/ 9-U12yrs/Racing with 65cc$50.00
Mini Lites 85cc 2/ 150cc 4/ 12-U16/Racing with Junior Lites$50.00
Junior Lites 13-U16yrs 100cc 2/ to 250cc4/Racing with Mini LItes 12-U16$50.00
Veterans 35+$60.00
MX2 (122cc to 250cc 2/4)$60.00
MX1 (122cc & Over 2/4)$60.00
The Wreckers - (Noncompetitive)$30.00
Junior Pitbikes - 12-U16yrs ( Max.12/14 Wheels) Noncompetitive$30.00
Senior Pitbikes - ( Max.12/14 Wheels) Noncompetitive$30.00
Drags (Noncompetitive)$20.00